limited scrutiny income tax notice

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1. Only in case of if you have filed your tax returns then you can receive such kind of notice.
2. This notice is related with those cases where a limit has been set on the enquiries to the extent of the mismatch or inaccurate reporting.
3. The scope of these notices is limited to the ones selected on the basis of the parameters of AIR/CIB/26AS data.
4. In this Assessing officer will send notice with clear remarks ‘limited’ and ‘selected’ under “computer aided scrutiny selection (CASS).
5. During the hearing of these notices if AO has reason that there is potential undisclosed income which could exceed Rs. 5 lakh (10 lakh for metro cities) then the case may be taken up for ‘complete scrutiny’.
6. If you have received such kind of limited scrutiny notice then you should do following things:-
A. Don’t panic and identify the reason for the notice
B. Gather the documents for reply in such case.
C. Reply in time and avoid penalties.
D. Preserve the envelop because it contains speed post number which is evidence that it was delivered to you.
E. Also check your mail id because these types of notices generally received via email.
F. Consult your CA as earliest if you want professional help in this case.

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